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My name is Keith Keller. I’m a registered nurse and recovery expert and activist. With 29 years of personal recovery, I’m on a mission to help those who suffer as I once did.
My ideas are a synergy. Infinite Recovery
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Keith's Story

I was an overweight, insecure kid whose parents divorced when I was nine. Like most kids, I wanted to be popular, athletic and smart; in reality, I was awkward, could not throw or hit a ball, and I was average in school.
From an early age, I was fascinated with alcohol. Whether hounding my father for sips of his beer, or begging for a small glass of wine on special occasions, my preoccupation was not normal.

I discovered playing the drums, and with it, partying. In my teens, I started drumming in bands, playing in bars on school nights and being paid in drinks. Drinking and getting high became an inseparable part of my music. I was a daily pot smoker and took so-called recreational drugs—cocaine, mescaline, acid, psilocybin, and others—whenever I could. I played in a string of bands through my 20s.

I stumbled into the medical field, working in operating rooms as a surgical technician. This was the “day job” I would leave when my music career took off.

My existence was a succession of problems due to my substance abuse. Instead of achieving success as a drummer and quitting that day job, I struggled as my life began to spiral down. My music suffered and bands fired me. My livelihood was in jeopardy, and my relationships were hollow shells. By the time I was 30, my life was circling the drain. 

“Recovery is a skill that can be learned by anyone. Anyone.”

~ Keith Keller

The Books

Transformative, life-changing recovery books by Keith Keller. Practical application of the techniques you’ll read about will change your views about recovery – and put you on a path of limitless possibilities.

THE INFINITE RECOVERY HANDBOOK: Beat Addiction and Have the Recovery and Life of Your Dreams

A comprehensive, multi-addiction recovery resource guide. You will discover groundbreaking, science-based personal transformation and motivational techniques.

Also by Keith Keller (written as Keith Kay)

Sustainable Recovery is dedicated to enlightening anyone seeking recovery from alcoholism, or seeking a greater knowledge of addiction rehabilitation.

“When the definition of addiction serves others more than the addict, we still have the wrong definition.”

~ Keith Keller

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